The constant battle of NUTRITION

Eating. Can help or ruin your plans whether it be for weight loss, training, gaining weight, or dieting.

What to eat is more so the problem. I love sweets. I have an insatiable craving for sweets, pretty much all of the time. (It also doesn’t help that I work in a bakery…) Like chocolate, ice cream, you name it, I’m pretty sure it’s delicious.

But, as I’m trying to lose weight and have a serious disposition to diabetes, I’m trying to avoid sweets. I’ve always heard if you give something up, you eventually stop craving it. WHICH I’M REALLY HOPING WORKS. Meh.

But with my training, I like to cover all bases when it comes to food groups and what my body needs and wants. Even with sweets, so instead of chocolate bars, I give you:

The Rainbow Smoothie Collection! (Cue dramatic entrance music)

Not only are they all awesome tasting, they pack a lot of punch per serving.

I also found this delicious recipe for low calorie cupcakes that taste like low calorie heaven.

Trying to balance weight loss and eating properly to be prepared for long runs can be difficult at times, but there are small substitutions that I make in things I eat everyday. For example, I LOVE wraps. Love them. But the wraps they’re made with can be loaded with fat grams and unnecessary carbs, so I sub out the wrap with lettuce or use Extreme Wellness wraps and you can find their nutrition info here.

The other thing I’m having a problem with is over eating. I over estimate how much I’m working out and allow myself to eat with less restrictions because of it. If I go for a long run, I automatically think I deserve to eat whatever I want. Which is bad…any suggestions for how to narrow that frame of mind?

Until next time, I’m headed out for an 8 mile run at a 11:50 pace. See you on the other side 🙂


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One response to “The constant battle of NUTRITION”

  1. drkaylosesweight says :

    Wrap in lettuce. I never thought of that:)Cool

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