Motivation, Injuries, and Mangoes.

So, yesterday I went for a run and planned on doing about 5 miles. After I stretched and walked for about a tenth of a mile, I got comfortable at my pace and turned on my music.

Until about a half mile into it, I noticed a horrible tearing sensation in my right ankle.
I could barely walk. I tried landing flat on, taking out my ortho inserts, running barefoot, and much to my dismay, nothing.

It was excruciating. So, I hobbled my butt back home and iced it. It feels fine today, but I’m going to take a rest day and just try to stretch it out, just in case. But, if anyone knows of any remedies that could help, it would be much appreciated!!!

Now, in my self pity party related to this ankle, I always try to pump myself up mentally for stuff. And I found this video.

Epic. Just watch.

In about two years, I think I’ll be ready for that, but until then, I’ll stick with my short term training goals 🙂

Oh by the way, mangoes are in season and they are ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.

I look for motivation in weird places and some that are not so weird like my family, friends, co workers, my cat. But sometimes it’s from odd places like the random stop sign and I feel the need to prove it wrong, or the chalk written “Just keep going” on a trail, or seeing a stranger outperform me.

Motivation is key. If you don’t have the will or drive to do something, why bother?

I think that keeping positive and in good spirits helps maintain any goal. If you’re constantly battering yourself over a missed workout or that extra chocolate chip cookie you just couldn’t resist, then change your outlook. Say, “Hey, I’ll make up for that by doing planks for two minutes or maybe an extra ten minutes on the elliptical.”

Don’t knock yourself. At least you’re trying.

As for me, I always look ahead to the next goal or next milestone. For example, my next big goal if the Women’s Half Marathon. I’m stoked about it, but I also know I need to careful to prevent injuries and to take in more of the environment this time.

I’m off to go to the gym now, but until next time, have a great day!

Breakfast: Nectarine, Kellogg’s Fruit Crisps (2) Blueberry
Lunch: Blueberry Scone
Dinner: Sunrise Sunset (Tropical Smoothie), grilled chicken flatbread with sauteed onions and peppers
Snacks: none yet!

Daily Activity Log:
Walking (3.0mph) 45 minutes
Elliptical (level 5) 20 minutes
Strength Training: 2 minutes planks, 30 squats, 25 lunges each leg, 50 jumping jacks, 15 push ups, 10 squat thrusts


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