Not Enough Hours in the Day

There’s 24 hours in a day. 24 hours to take on the world, 24 hours to do laundry and go to work and take a walk and go for a run and make dinner and watch your favorite tv show and everything in between.

So when it comes to training, how do you manage your time in a way that improves who you are as a runner but also doesn’t completely take over your life? I’m a 20-something that doesn’t have to worry about kids and husbands and their schedules but I do work and take classes and train and sometimes it gets stressful.

So I searched high and low for short blast cardio workouts that I can do anytime but if I’m having one of those abnormally hectic days, I can just take out 20 minutes and get my exercise fix.

Normally, I go for a quick run that loops by my house and it’s 1.8 miles but sometimes I want something different, so I give you these;

Courtesy of Shape Magazine
Treadmill Walk/Run

This workout involves four 5-minute intervals on the manual setting without holding onto the handrails. “Stay springy in your step, pump your arms, and keep your muscles tight as you walk up hills and inclines,” Jackie Warner says (you’ll feel it in your glutes and arms). As your body adapts, gradually increase your speed both on the run-walk intervals and on the walk recovery.

Minutes What to do RPE
0–5 Warm-up with an easy walk, increasing speed to 3 mph. During the last minute, take the incline up to 12–15% 6–7
5–7 Lower the ramp to 1% and increase speed to 4.5 to 6.5 mph (depending on your ability) 7–8
7–8 Reduce speed to 3.5 and increase incline to 3–5%. 6
8–17 Repeat minutes 5–8 three times 6–8
17–20 Reduce incline to 1% and cool down easy. 3

For those who don’t have treadmills, plyometrics and short burst cardio moves help (obviously) the cardiovascular system as well as endurance and aerobic levels.

  • Jumping jack Stand with feet together, then jump, separating legs and raising arms overhead. Land with feet hip-width apart, then jump feet back together and lower arms.
  • Stair running Run up a flight of stairs, pumping your arms, then walk down. Vary by taking two stairs at a time.
  • Jumping rope Do a basic boxer’s shuffle or two-footed jump. Stay on balls of feet, not jumping too high off ground, elbows by your sides.
  • Squat jump Stand with feet hip-width apart. Bend knees and lower hips into a squat. Jump in air and straighten legs, lifting arms upward. Land softly, lowering arms.
  • Split jump Stand in a split stance, one foot a long stride in front of the other, then bend knees and jump, switching legs to land and pumping arms in opposition to legs. Alternate legs.

I personally own Jillian Michaels’ DVD’s (Ripped in 30) and it definitely kicks my butt. It’s a progressive DVD where you are supposed to perform Week 1 3x week and it’s supposed to be the “easy” week. HA. No. Prepare to sweat. Then it goes to Week 2 and then to Week 3.

I’ve done Week 1 multiple times, but I can’t imagine Week 2…

For those who are truly focused on running, then this is an article from Runner’s World about how to make the most of a time-constricted run.

Now, recently I’ve been looking into other half marathons because I’ve only ever done the Women’s Half, so I am looking into the Disney Princess Half Marathon and it looks like so much fun! I feel like its one of those races where you have to race with other people thought becuase it have that kind of environment, but awesome none the less!

Anyone interested? 🙂




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