Long Run: Rainy Edition

Yesterday was scheduled to be a medium run. I ended up doing about 5 miles. But, in those 5 miles, were ankle pain, Biofreeze pain relief gel, a random downpour of a rainstorm, hill repeats, and random strangers offering me rides.

All in all, a normal run.

So, I started at my house and made my way through my neighborhood to a connecting road. Took a left at that connecting road and made my way to the Pinellas Trail. Now, for those who don’t live here, the Pinellas Trail connects from the very northernmost part of the county and connects to the southernmost part of the county, St. Petersburg (where the WHM is) and drops you off downtown essentially.

It’s a BEYOND viable tool that runners, walkers, cyclists, recumberant cyclists, joggers, and everything in between utilize. I love it because it’s safe, non congested, and friendly.

Here’s a map of where it runs through.

So, I hop onto the Pinellas Trail and follow it for about a mile. Now, on the trail you can always expect something random to happen, not always bad though.

For instance…

Mr. Walking Man, French Edition.

Whoever took the time to decorate him, I applaud you.

Next, the storm cloud of doom that awaited me…

Need I say, meh.
Looking back, it was a little dark and scary…

So, I running along having a merry old time when it starts sprinkling.
Now, I’m not the one to start complaining about rain. I think it feels great when it’s raining. It’s cool, feels refreshing.

As the last part of the stretch of the trail, it’s an uphill bridge that goes over the road. It’s a beast of a hill, let me tell you.

After I go over the bridge, I run down a pretty busy street back to my house.

As I’m crossing the bridge, I notice it’s starting to rain actual rain drops.

“No worries, I’ll be fine.” I think to myself.

Then all hell breaks loose.


I’ve NEVER run in that kind of rain. I’m pouring sweat, and I’m soaking wet from the rain. Oh, and I’m in my bright pink shirt.
So, many a times I got asked if I needed a ride home, if I was okay, and even got offered candy by a really nice man in an unmarked white van.

Haha, see what I did there?

But, alas, I eventually made it home after hunkering down under a tree for a few minutes.

Here’s a picture of my shoe, just for good measure.

Lessons learned?

Running in the rain is a frickin’ blast.


About wayfaringbridges

I'm Stephanee. I'm 26, a former travel agent who got tired of selling trips to others and decided to start taking trips of my own. I'm traveling as far and as often as I can.

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