GU, Cortizone Shots, and Haircuts.

You know the best part of the race experience? Besides running the race, of course.

The Goodie Bag.

And all of it’s wonderful contents. Some races you get a bag with a bunch of useless papers and assorted random coupons from race sponsors.

Some races you get a bag with some coupons, a bunch of random papers, and a snack. Snacks are good. Snacks are delicious. I like snacks.

Some races, though, you feel like it’s Christmas. You get a bag with pain relief gel samples, GU samples, chocolate bars, a coupon for a free post-race beer, a towel (No joke. Thanks, Publix.), and maybe a few coupons. But there’s all this nifty stuff!!

For a while, I ran a 5k every Saturday for about 7 weeks straight. It was crazy fun because I got to travel all over the county, placed in my age group TWICE, met a bunch of awesome people, and got A TON OF GOODIE BAGS!

Seriously, though. It was crazy. Each race gave me a goodie bag, which simple logic dictates, means I got 7 goodie bags. Each one was different, each contained an “Ooh!” moment, and some, “That’s it?” moments, but overall a very positive experience.

I keep all of my goodie bags in a corner in my room, stacked on a table that holds all of my race stuff. Bib numbers, shoes, old timing chips, etc. One day I looked at said table and noticed it had grown to the point where I couldn’t see the wall.

So I went through each bag meticulously and sorted through what I wanted to keep and recycled/donated/trashed the rest. And that’s when I realized it. You honestly get the most random assortment of things. And if a random passer-by were to see the pile of things I had accumulated, they would think I was crazy.

I mean, look at this;

5 hour energy, muscle rub (a whole tube!), GU, a koozie, coupon, green tea packet, fish oil tablets…, gum, gum, more gum, pedometers (3), VIP Lady Foot Locker card, a head lamp, a stress ball shaped like a monster truck (which I still don’t understand), a candle, a bottle opener…, and nail clippers.

Yep, nail clippers. Whose idea was that, anyways? “Hey, everyone needs some nail clippers…here ya go!” Not to say that I’m not appreciative. I just don’t get it.

In any case, looking through all of it I noticed how many GU packets I had accumulated. I’ve only ever had GU during the Women’s Half Marathon. They give them out around mile 8 after you come from the out and back over the pier.

Hence, where it says GU! Haha.

But that was the only time in my racing or training career where I had the opportunity to have GU.

Now, I know there are an assortment of flavors. You can find them all here. I personally don’t like to run 8 miles then eat chocolate. Not my style. I LOVE the mandarin orange and the strawberry banana. They’re so delicious. I think they have just the right amount of sweet to get you kickin’ but not so much so that you’re smacking your lips for the next two miles.








Like I said, delicious.

I’ve been talking a lot lately about my ankle pain and how it’s truly slowed me down training wise for the past couple months. Last time I went to my ortho guy, he gave me a cortizone shot in my ankle which essentially a steroid to help rebuild muscles and tendons that may be damaged. The last time I got it, I felt like Wonder Woman. It was absolutely fantastic.

I’m 100% going to ask him for one again when I see him next week. In any case, wish me luck that it’s nothing that will stop me from running in November!!

In other news, I recently cut my hair.

When I say cut my hair, I mean I chopped all my hair off. But I LOVE IT!

This is what my hair does when I wake up in the morning. Amazing stuff, right there.

Until next time! 🙂


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