Upcoming Races and Such.

Soooo. Guess what?
I signed up for the Susan G. Komen race this Saturday. Yes, this Saturday.

It’s a 10k down in St. Petersburg and is my last race before the WHM!!
Here’s the course map:
For more information and to sign up, go here.

I have 52 days until the half marathon and I’m getting pretty stoked. I liked being able to gauge how training is going far enough out in a 10k format before these last critical weeks before the Half.

So lately has been pretty hectic. I’m taking a full course load at school and working 30+ hours a week. As well as trying to find time for training, family, friends, etc.

Since life can be crazy at times, I’ve developed a fool proof get-your-butt-to-work system that seems to effective so far. Monday and Wednesdays I have class from 9:30a-7p so after my last class, I head straight to the gym. Meaning I’m going to class completely decked out in workout attire.

Meh, I think I look awesome.

BUT, Monday was no bueno. It decided to monsoon here in Florida.
 So my 5 planned miles turned into a whole lotta treadmill time.
Which I don’t mind, but still, I like running outdoors.

Anyways, today was a rest day and tomorrow morning I will be going for a tempo run (hopefully, weather permitting) at about 6am. Documentation to come. I have a love-hate relationship with early morning runs. As talked about previously.

Now, remember how I told you I worked in a bakery?
Well, maybe you don’t, so, I work in a bakery and it’s a blast.
Except for the whole part where I’m trying to lose weight and I’m constantly surrounded by DELICIOUSNESS.

Every morning, I am in charge of donut-making. I glaze, ice, chocolate, maple, vanilla, cinnamon, powder sugar, and sprinkle countless donuts. As seen here:
Lotso donuts. My dad didn’t believe me when I told him the enormous amount of donuts we make. Then I showed him this. yeah.

So working in a bakery is a lot of fun with all the cake decorating, freshly baked bread, smelling pastries, and all of that yummy-ness. But I’ve come to the conclusion that anyone who is trying to lose weight;

We constantly have leftover of something. Whether it be chocolate cake, slices of bread, rolls, miscounted pastries, overcooked scones, you name it, it’s probably been eaten by someone. Butttt, it pays.
What’s a girl to do?

Thursday I’m going to be attempting yoga for the first time. There’s this lady in my World Literature class who swears up and down and twice around that it’s changed her life and I asked her about it and she gladly told me all about it.

I’ve read everywhere (well actually, just here) that cross training is a must before bigger races. It allows the muscles that are constantly used in running to get somewhat of a break while maintaining your cardio level.

So I shall be attempting yoga! I think it’ll be awesome, let my muscles stretch and give me a whole new workout. 😀 I’ll take pictures, or just complain about how sore I am on Friday.

Speaking of Friday, I am going to Vinoy Park for Packet Pick up for Susan G. Komen and so I’m planning on taking pictures of part of the WHM course for your seeing pleasure.

On that note, here’s a picture of my abnormally clingy cat to end it all;
Until next time!!


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One response to “Upcoming Races and Such.”

  1. mazemangriot says :

    Good luck! You will do that half marathon like its nothing!

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