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Women’s Half Marathon Course In Pictures

Sunday November 20th is the Women’s Half Marathon in St. Petersburg.

I, along with 5000+ other runners, will be taking to the streets to prove that we can do it.

The course is a winding, wonderful, and scenic-ly flat. It starts next to the Mahaffey Theatre and Progress Energy Park and ends in the same place.

Last year it headed towards the pier, this year is heads towards the brand new Dali museum.

Here’s the course map;

Today was packet pick up and the expo which is always so much fun!

My bib number is 5045 and I’ll be starting in Corral 5, so if anyone else is running, be sure to say hey on race morning.
I figured while I was in St. Pete for packet pick up, I would take some pictures of where we’ll be running!

It starts around here:

And heads towards the Dali Museum winding in front of Albert Whitted Air Field;

Tent set ups were taking place!
From there you run towards the Vinoy hotel (where expo was) and Snell Isle:

This part of the course takes place on a lot of streets with bricks. For those who haven’t really run on bricks before, be aware of your ankles! It’s very easy to trip and twist your ankles. But, the views on this part of the course are unbeatable.
You run through Snell Isle until mile 6 (almost half way!) when you start heading towards the Pier.

Like I said, pretty awesome views!
You run towards the pier, circle behind it and head towards Vinoy Park. At mile 7 is the GU station, which will be just before going onto the Pier.

At this point in the race is what has been dubbed as the “Straightaway from Hell” from girls I’ve talked to who have run it before. It’s not that it’s an arduous length, it’s just at that point in the race, your legs are tired and it’s 4 miles out and back. It maneuvers around Mirror Lake which is (I believe) mile 9.

Here’s where we’ll pop into 1st Ave and start running on the straightaway towards the Trop.


This is a few blocks later, continuing on the straightaway.

This is MLK Blvd where you’ll be about 2 blocks away from Tropicana Field!

This is the turnaround where you’ll see Tropicana Field right next to you, so cool!

From the turnaround, you’ll head into the parking lot of the Trop and head inside to run the bases! 😀 Always so fun. And such a nice break to run on astroturf instead of concrete for a little bit!

Tropicana Field!
After the rush of running the bases, you head back to Mahaffey Theatre and Progress Energy Park where the illustrious finish line awaits you.

My goal time is 2:30 this year (a 14 min PR from last year) so wish me luck!
And like I said earlier, if you see me, just say hello! It’s always nice to see friendly faces when you’re running for so long.

To all the ladies running, good luck!