Dublin, Day 1!

So today was quite the adventure. Casey and I took off from Philly at 10:30pm after an 1 and a half long taxi (no bueno) and were on our way. We landed in Dublin at 9:30am after getting about 2 hours of sleep each…




We then met Marie at baggage claim and headed for our hotel, after quick showers and some freshening up, we left with Kait in tow as well towards Dublin City Centre. Our cab driver was FANTASTIC, giving us insider hints, where to go to see who, and where to go to be seen. LOVELY. We were severely thrown off by the wrong side of the road driving though.

Once arrived in City Centre we walked to Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral (Don’t worry momma, we didn’t do the tours!) and then headed out for a drink.

We landed in a place called Octagon Bar and we had the BEST time. The bartenders were hilarious, the drinks cold, and the company awesome. I couldn’t have been happier. Now, we’re updating from the hotel lobby while the HUGE Chelsea v. Liverpool game is on and it’s crazy. Legitimately crazy.


About wayfaringbridges

I'm Stephanee. I'm 26, a former travel agent who got tired of selling trips to others and decided to start taking trips of my own. I'm traveling as far and as often as I can.

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