Forging On.

The past couple weeks have been exciting. I got to go on a cruise with my best friend Nicole and we had an amazing time. I’ve missed being able to spend that much time with her so it was nice to just go and be.

But as life seems to be getting more and more hectic I’m realizing that I’m retreating to things that I never thought I would.
Meditation and yoga.

I consider myself a runner first and foremost. A triathlete, a soccer player, a swimmer. But not a yogi. That was something I only started a year ago just to say I tried it but the rewards I’m experiencing from it are unparalleled.

Running gives me clarity. It’s the motion of putting one foot in front of the other. Focusing on the air that’s passing in and out of your lungs. The feeling of strength as your legs propel you forward. The proverbial wind in your hair. Running has always been my sort of therapy. My way of getting away from things.

When the going got tough, I got going. And by going, I mean running. I literally ran away from my problems. But it wasn’t in an unhealthy way. I would contemplate every situation I was going through on my run and come up with a game plan. I would come away from runs calm, cool, collected and thirsty.

But here’s where my body has thrown me for a loop.

I’m craving yoga. I’m craving the deep breathing and the stretching. I’m craving the peace of mind.

The calm that ensues after a yoga session for me is something I can’t really compare to because it’s so new to me as well. I’m finding myself wanting to get away from it all, go somewhere remote and just….be.

Maybe go to a forest, a mountain, a beach. Just sit and watch the world spin.


About wayfaringbridges

I'm Stephanee. I'm 26, a former travel agent who got tired of selling trips to others and decided to start taking trips of my own. I'm traveling as far and as often as I can.

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